Moonlight in Yangzhou

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The floating moonlight penetrates 2,500 years of time like a gentle hand. It taps on the 24th bridge in Yangzhou and stops in the autumn. Tightly hugging and scooping a jar of water soaked in the moon, wine and canal water are the same taste: intoxicated, intoxicated The faint and pressing sound of the flute under the moon Every trill implies a bumpy coming The clear lake is thin The fat and green wicker is thin and can no longer hide the old Yinggeyan dancing on the heights of the strings, the dull music in the broken clouds can be heard faintly, as if it can move a heavy book The capital that was forgotten by the prefect Ouyang Xiu



floating moon
like gentle hands
Through 2500 years of time
Knock on the 24th Bridge in Yangzhou
stop in autumn
shower on me
Follow the looming cinnamon in the backyard
The canal of Banwan and Yangzhou City are tightly embraced
Scoop a vat of water soaked in the moon to make wine
Wine and canal water are one taste:
intoxicated, intoxicated

The faint sound of the flute under the moon
every vibrato
All imply a rough coming
The clear lake is thin
The fat green wicker is thin
I can't hide the Yingge Yanwu of the past
High on the strings, in the broken clouds
Muffled music looms
It seems to be able to move a heavy book

That capital was forgotten by the prefect Ouyang Xiu
That piece of poem about the incompleteness of Cao Yin
The bamboo in Zheng Kui's painting
Now they're all lying in the chronicle on the desk
illuminated by moonlight and lamps
Suzaku spreads its wings, Han Li shines
The door, still the color of cinnabar
Those broken pots, bronzes and oracle bones
The wall that is about to fall
It's the tears of separation

Flick the moonlight, there is a crisp collision
like a fish in water
Floating in every vein of Yangzhou
Moonlight, white flowers pouring down
Moonlight, reflected in white flowers
A few strands of yellow light lie on the mottled street
Remembering the Han and Tang Dynasties over and over again
after recollection
Fill yourself up again, bury yourself

Author: Weng Cheng (General Manager of Yangzhou Wuting Travel Agency Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yangzhou Wuting Food Co., Ltd.)


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