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Dog days are the most humid and sultry days of the year, which occur between Xiaoshu and Chushu. The "fu" in "dog days" refers to "fuxie", that is, the summer evil in the "six evils" (wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness, and fire).

The dog days are the most humid and sultry days of the year that appear between the little summer heat and the last summer heat. The "fu" in "dog days" refers to the "fuxie", that is, the "six evils" (wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness, and fire).
"Fu" means "the heat is lurking in the ground". It is divided into early, middle, and last volts, which are called three volts. This year's "dog days" has a total of 40 days. It starts from today to the 26th as the first day, the middle day starts on July 27th, and the last day will wait until August 16th and end on August 25th.
The dog days are the 40 most sick days of the year! The scariest time of the year has come. The three volts are not good! It is to stay at the root of the disease! Three volts begin! Both men and women need to be healthy!
Question 01    Why are dog days the hottest? Where is the scientific basis?
After entering the ambush, the surface humidity becomes larger, more heat is absorbed every day, less heat is emitted, and the heat of the surface layer accumulates, so it gets hotter day by day. Entering the three volts, the accumulated heat on the ground reaches the highest peak, and the weather is the hottest.
In addition, in summer, there is a lot of rain and the air humidity is high. The heat capacity of water is much larger than that of dry air, which is also an important reason for the sultry weather. In July and August, the subtropical high is strengthened. Under the control of the subtropical high, the downdraft inside the high pressure makes the weather clear and less cloudy, which is conducive to sunlight exposure, and the ground radiation increases, making the weather even hotter.
Question 02    Why is the summer heat so powerful in the dog days? Why did the three volts fall down the root of the disease?
In fact, many "root causes" are caused by dog ​​days. As the saying goes, “In the small heat, steam up and boil down! ” In addition, after entering the ambush, high temperature, high heat, and high humidity ” sauna days” will occur frequently, the heat wave is overwhelming, the heat is unbearable, and various health problems will follow, such as heat stroke, cardiovascular disease, heart failure. Wait.
The dog days themselves are very hot. In addition, our body sweats a lot and consumes a lot. It is easy to experience fatigue and decreased digestive function. If you do not adjust your diet and eat the wrong way, it will easily lead to a weakened immune system and cause diseases.
Question 03    How to live a good life?
There is a question that most people will confuse after entering Futian: "Are we going to focus on preventing heatstroke in Futian? ”
From the beginning of Futian, the yang qi of the human body gradually reaches its peak during the year, the blood vessels are in a state of dilation, and the internal organs are vented. In summer, people prefer to eat cold drinks and blow air conditioners. These excessive cold behaviors may cause the body to be harmed by cold evils invisibly.
Many diseases are caused by the damage of yang qi caused by eating cold and cold, or the invasion of external evil caused by excessive greed for cold. Don't underestimate the cold evil in summer. At this time, cold prevention is even more important than heatstroke prevention. Haven't you heard of "winter disease and summer cure"? Or “Do winter diseases all accumulate in summer? ” This is because you may often do the following things during the Futian period and cause the cold to enter your body: catch cold, such as taking cold showers, wading in cold water, blowing air conditioners, etc., and often eating cold food, such as cold drinks, iced fruits, etc.
Futian Health Eight Key Points
One, nourishing Qi
It is easy to get hurt in the summer, which will lead to lack of physical strength and vitality, and the function of the body will decline. Therefore, in summer health care, special attention should be paid to "nourishing qi", in case the yang qi is insufficient in winter.
Second, nourishing the heart
In summer, you should pay attention to protecting the heart and nourishing the heart. Summer sweats a lot, sad yin, consumes heart yang, which is the most tiring season for the heart. The heart among the five internal organs of a person corresponds to summer, so people should focus on nourishing the heart in summer. Friends with a history of heart disease should be especially vigilant.
Three, strengthen the spleen
Lack of appetite in summer is a common problem for many people. The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and eating well will cause many problems.
Four, dampness
Summer is hot and humid, people often feel headaches and headaches, and they are prone to depression, burnout, chest tightness, and poor appetite. Heat-dampness invading the human body can cause symptoms such as fullness of the chest and diaphragm, tasteless food, sticky mouth, dizziness, and heavy limbs.
The qi of heat and dampness takes advantage of the weakness, and the elderly, children and those with weak qi are prone to depletion of heart qi and symptoms of heat stroke.
Five, relieve the heat
The dog days are hot and humid, so it is essential to relieve heat and dampness.
Six, clear fire
Summer corresponds to "heart", people are on "heart fire" in summer, and this is also the biggest consumption of the body. This heart fire can sometimes lead to symptoms such as mouth sores, upset, and insomnia.
Seven, clearing heat and detoxifying
Summer can easily lead to excessive heat and toxin. The most important thing in health care is to clear away heat and detoxify.
Eighth, sleep
In summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and the nighttime temperature is also high, causing some people to not rest well at night. According to traditional Chinese medicine, such "imbalance of yin and yang" will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. For example, patients with high blood pressure are prone to increased blood pressure, and patients with angina pectoris have an increased frequency of attacks.
Fu Tian has four fears
One, the stomach is most afraid of cold
In summer, ice cream, cold drinks, and frozen fruit are allergies! But summer is also a period of high incidence of intestinal diseases. Experts recommend that you eat less food that is too cold in this season, especially when you get up in the morning and before going to bed at night. In order to keep the stomach warm in time, when eating cold food, you might as well add some ginger or mustard, which can warm the stomach and sterilize.


Second, the cervical spine is most afraid of blowing
The weather is hot and naturally many families have the air conditioner on for a long time. The cervical spine is blown against the air conditioner, and the surrounding soft tissue will suffer from lesions, resulting in chronic inflammation of the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in continuous neck spasm, back pain and other consequences.
It is recommended that the temperature of the indoor air conditioner should not be lower than 25 degrees Celsius, and the shoulders and back should not be facing the air conditioner. If the temperature doesn't adjust on your own, put a shawl over your shoulders and take a hot shower at night.
Three, the eyes are most afraid of the sun
In the hot sun, the eyes are the most vulnerable organs. Experts remind that if the eyes are cold and afraid of heat, if you do not pay attention to sun protection, it is easy to prematurely age and cause various eye diseases. If you're going out between 10am and 4pm, it's a good idea to wear sunglasses, a hat, or an umbrella. Sunglasses color with brown, light green UV protection effect is the best.
Four, blood vessels are afraid of stimulation
A blood vessel is like a rubber hose, its elasticity will change with temperature changes, it will become brittle and contract when it is cold, and blood pressure will also increase; when it is hot, it will soften and expand, and blood pressure will also decrease . In summer, if you frequently enter and exit the air-conditioned room with a large temperature difference, the blood vessels will be stimulated, and spasm will easily occur, resulting in the thrombus falling off, the blood pressure being unstable, and the emergency of stroke and myocardial infarction.

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