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Moonlight in yangzhou


Moonlight in yangzhou

2018/10/11 19:59
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A floating moon
Like a gentle hand
Through 2,500 years
Tap on the 24th bridge in yangzhou
Again in the autumn
Pour on me
Follow the fragrance of osmanthus looming in the backyard
The canal of half bay and yangzhou city embrace tightly
Ladle a VAT of water soaked in the moon to brew wine
Wine and canal water are one flavor:
Intoxicated, intoxicated
The sound of the flute, looming faintly below the moon
Each trill
All imply a bumpy road ahead
The clear lake has thinned
The fat green wicker has thinned
There was no hiding the joys of the past
High up in the strings, in the broken clouds
The dull music loomed
As if it could move a heavy book
That capital city was forgotten by the grand guard ouyang xiu
A piece of incomplete poetry about cao Yin
The bamboo in the picture of zheng kui
Now all lie in the annals of the desk
Illuminated by moonlight and lamps
Zhuque wings, han li light
Door, still is the color of vermilion
The broken POTS, the broken bronze, the broken bones
The falling skin of the wall
Tears of separation
Flicking the moonlight, there was a crisp crash
Such as fish hit the water
In every vein of yangzhou
Moonlight, white flowers pouring down
The moonlight was a white reflection
Yellow streaks of light lay on the mottled surface of the street
Over and over again the memory of the han and tang dynasties
After the recall
Fill oneself up again, bury
(general manager of yangzhou wuting travel service co., LTD., a subsidiary of yangzhou wuting food co., LTD.)
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