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Give yourself


Give yourself

2019/05/27 19:45
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Evening sun
Blown away by the wind
Beautiful rays
The wind of pain
What is painful is the colorful clouds on the other side
The company to the last wind to their own
Silence is not unutterable
It stands aloof from worldly affairs
The euphemism is not spring scenery
And those budding gardenias
Blossom should sound, but not pain
The wind waves the noise of the leaves for themselves
Bury the seeds of love in the wine
When singing and drinking
Feel bad for no reason
I had to bend over and over again
To cushion the pain in the body
Give yourself a big hug
Forget to stay in the footsteps of yesterday
Forget yesterday gave me a tired
Back down, back up
I can't pay myself
The original appearance of iron and soft intestine
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