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In addition, the year of the arrival year Steam Winter, Yangzhou Encore


In addition, the year of the arrival year Steam Winter, Yangzhou Encore

2018/12/31 19:33
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Seventy - Forty, Foreigner Yearly Year of Ocean Winter Season. Reporters travel agreement okay, this year's steamed deposit ceremony banquet package farewell, reconsulting amount Yuya comprehension 1st - 2nd consecutive year. Large number of manufacturing companies in Yi Yu, steam injector after Yu Yu, industrial selling owner, owner 's universal insanity evacuation center, deposit city market unavailability.




Steamed buns steamed buns coming into the production season
Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the market to learn that the current has entered the annual steamed bun production season, from the hotel, tea house to the factory cry, let the public early feel the arrival of the New Year flavor.
"Our orders are mainly from old customers, and we plan to produce 40,000 boxes of steamed buns per year." Green yangchun steamed stuffed bun's li zong introduction.
"Recently, from time to time in the circle of friends out of a gift box baozi selling varieties and brands than the supermarket is also complete. Yesterday, Mr. Chen, who lives in the west district, said with a smile, his circle of friends have ye spring steamed stuffed bun, teahouse interesting steamed stuffed bun, bixiangju steamed stuffed bun, city spring tea steamed stuffed bun, etc., "in the past to buy steamed stuffed bun to go to the store, this year circle of friends can order.
"Our production is busier this year than it was this time last year." Xu guolai, chairman of wuting food co LTD, said the company's domestic and foreign orders increased this year despite its production capacity remaining unchanged from last year. "our export orders increased in the second half of this year, which is one of the reasons for the busy production line," he said.
Ye chun food, the relevant person in charge of wei, they start from October busy year steam, this year is expected to be at least busy until the end of January next year. The relevant person in charge of dongyuan xiaoguan and bixiangju said that at present, the store has entered the pre-sale stage, plus some enterprise orders, the central kitchen of the two enterprises has also entered the production peak, and the delivery peak is expected to be 20 days later on January 15.




Market tight, steamed stuffed bun gift box part of the rise
Reporters noted that this year, some brands of annual steamed stuffed bun gift box prices than last year generally increased by 6 yuan/box to 10 yuan/box, in spite of this, the annual steam market is still tight. Industry insiders say this is because of a 10 to 20 percent increase in orders this year.
"Our annual steamed bun market and export market are only a part of the orders, and the demand for hotels and restaurants in surrounding provinces such as jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, anhui, and Shanghai, as well as first-tier provinces and cities, has also increased this year." Xu revealed that orders for steamed stuffed buns increased by 20 percent compared with the same period last year. In this regard, the food industry park located in the fenghe food related responsible person zhang, the current market stability of the enterprises, in addition to supermarkets, convenience stores and other sales, the Spring Festival yangzhou people prefer handmade steamed stuffed bun, the order will increase in a short time.
"" order growth is the norm, and the main reason for the tight market is the concentrated consumption brought by the Spring Festival market. According to li guoshan from the Marketing Department of sanhe simei, steamed buns are different from the general market in that consumers prefer handmade steamed buns and have higher requirements. "this leads to a shortage of skilled workers for local steamed buns and limited production capacity for each branch," he said.
Industry insiders said rising staff salaries, food materials, cold chain logistics costs and packaging material prices are the main reasons for the rise in the price of steamed stuffed bun gift boxes this year. The reporter understands, the gift box price of major steamed stuffed bun brand rises this year, but still have partial brand to maintain original price, the citizen can be bought after comparable price.